“Coming from an Italian family, I am used to gather with my beloved ones around a table and share with them the worthiest and happiest moments.  For me playing is like eating: it doesn’t have the same importance if you don’t share it with someone!” 

Ileana Termini (Naples, Italy - 2001) is a young Italian classical saxophonist who is currently living and studying in Amsterdam. 

Coming from a family of musicians, she could immerse herself in music since her earliest days. From an early age, Ileana had the opportunity to enjoy operas and concerts (often at Teatro of San Carlo in Naples), which gave her the chance to discover many more facets of music performed by excellent artists. She first approached to the study of music at the age of 3, when she started to study the piano. It was the first step toward years of experimentation and discovery, which continued with the study of guitar and percussion.

Although the piano played a crucial role in her musical education, fascinated by the sound of wind instruments, in 2012 Ileana started to study the saxophone. Since the beginning of her studies, Ileana knew that the saxophone would have been part of her future in music and she fully dedicated herself to this instrument, approaching to the study with a new and more mature attitude. She has always given an incredible value to solo performing, but the chamber music has significantly influenced her expression.

Ileana’s academical career began earlier than usual in Italy, as she was admitted at the age of 15 to the Conservatory Domenico Cimarosa in Avellino, where she studied under the guidance of Sirio di Benedetto. Ileana just turned 18 when she graduated in 2019 with full marks and cum laude, being the youngest saxophonist of the academic year. 

Alongside the studies at the Conservatory, Ileana was mentored and guided by Silvio Rossomando, who played a significant role in her future decisions, giving her the right preparation to fulfil her greatest ambition: to be admitted to the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and to study with the father of the Dutch Saxophone School, Arno Bornkamp.

Currently studying her bachelor’s degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Ileana is the founder of the Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet, an ensemble established in 2019 who sees protagonists four saxophonists coming from all over the world. Among the most recent awards, noteworthy is the first prize in the Vitor Santos competition, which will give them the opportunity to perform in Portugal and will lead the Quartet to the recording of their debut cd.

Ileana has always been inspired by excellence and ambition and her deep belief is that she will never stop improving and learning as an artist. Attending masterclasses around Europe has always been an opportunity to perfect her musical touch and to work on the shades of her sound by the side of excellent professors in the international arena, like Claude Delangle, Lars Mlekusch, Jerome Laran, Federico Mondelci, Mario Marzi, Jan Schulte-Bunert, Marco Gerboni among others. 

During the formation years and still now, Ileana stood out in numerous competitions, both as solo and chamber music performer: as Solo Saxophonist in 2021 she has won the first prize in the PaMus Competition (Croatia), the second prize in the Princes Christina Concour West (Netherlands) and the second prize in the Portuguese FISP Victor Santos Senior Category. It is also worth to mention the second prize exaequo, won in 2018 in Turin at the Marco Fiorindo Competition. 

Ileana has already trodden the boards in ambitious halls around Europe, like Teatro San Carlo (Naples), Accademia di Santa Cecilia (Rome), Musikverein (Wien), Konzerthaus (Wien), Muziekgebow (Amsterdam) and Concertgebow (Amsterdam). At the end of 2020, she was invited to perform the tenor saxophone solo of Ravel’s Bolero with the Giuseppe Verdi Orchestra of Salerno, conducted by Daniel Oren, in the occasion of the New Year’s concert.