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“Hip Hip Urra”, a deep breath, the curtains open and let the magic happen… ✨

It was the morning of a concert, my first lunch concert in Tivoli Vredenburg. Let’s be honest, I was very nervous for this debut. I’ve watched many concerts there in the past four years and I’ve always admired so many ensembles playing on that stage, but last friday it was my turn, with my quartet.

I left home with my beloved instrument, the concert clothes, the scores and the head full of thoughts “Will I manage to concentrate?”, “Will the audience enjoy the program?”, “Will we play well?” “Will we..?” 🤯

All possible questions came to mind, but the only thing I could actually do during that trip was to convince myself: “forget about all of it and just enjoy!”.

We got to the concert hall with one hour and half of rehearsal time and we promised ourselves “guys, let’s not get tired, let’s have a short rehearsal so we can rest before”.

Time passed by extremely fast, and before we knew it, the producer was already coming to us saying “I’m sorry, you have to stop. We have to open the doors for the audience”.

We even asked to have a couple more minutes to check one last part of a piece.

It was time to play… nothing mattered anymore, we did everything we had to.

We gathered our four hands on top of each other and we screamed “Hip Hip Urrá” three times.

We looked at each other with a lot of excitement and joy, and walked on the stage.

The rest was magic… ✨



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